Founded in 1996, Charng Chyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. focuses on manufacture of aluminum alloy ingots and trading of metal scrap.

Mr. Peter Chen, General Manager of Charng Chyi, is a specialist who has served in the aluminum field for 23 years. Depending on his abundant experience and his team members, Mr. Chen has been devoting in promotion of the up-to-date manufacturing process and update of devices.
Aluminum alloy ingots are made of primary ingots and recycled aluminum. During the casting process, specific alloys will be added to the molten aluminum according to international standards or special requirements. The precisely controlled smelting process includes de-gassing, ceramic filtering, and refining.
  • I.Q.C → Incoming Quality Control
  • I.P.Q.C → In-Process Quality Control
  • F.Q.C → Final Quality Control
  • O.Q.C → Outgoing Quality Control